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Aksum  UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The ruins of the ancient city of Aksum are found close to Ethiopia’s northern border. They mark the location of the heart of ancient Ethiopia, when the Kingdom of Aksum was the most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia. The massive ruins, dating from between the 1st and the 13th century A.D., include monolithic obelisks, giant stelae, royal tombs and the ruins of ancient castles. Long after its political decline in the 10th century, Ethiopian emperors continued to be crowned in Aksum.

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From historical landmarks to newer destinations, here are the best Axum attractions for locals and tourists alike.


Two things make the city of Axum the center of tourist attraction. The first is the Axumite church of saint Mary Tsion . It is strongly believed that this church is home to the ark of the convenant. It still remains a mystery however since Axum Tsion church is guarded by a single monk with no exposure to the outside world( replaced by another only after his death )and no one else is allowed to go in,not even the Pope). Because no one has been allowed in there is no way to confirm whether the ark is actually there or not.

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It’s fun to explore Aksum on your own, but tour guides offer expert knowledge and connections that you can’t get anywhere else. To make the most of your trip, you can see the detail list of the attraction sites.